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It´s Pride month

What does PRIDE have to do with make-up you might ask? For some of you probably nothing. However… make-up is for everyone And what better time, than during pride-month, to discuss make-up. Because for me it is and always will be gendernutral. I do believe that self expression has no boundries, especially when it comes […]

Fashion Week 2021 in Frankfurt am Main

Nicht nur die Neonyt und die Seek , nein auch die Premium Messe kommen 2021 nach Frankfurt. Frankfurt – der neue Hotspot für Mode & Lifestyle!?! Die Wirtschaftsmetropole Frankfurt zeigt sich aufgeschlossen für Mode und heißt die Fashion Week im Jahr 2021 willkommen. Meet you in FFM Die Kombination der Messen und Konferenzen aus Fashion, […]


I have to admit I do have a bit of an brow fetish – my friends might even say its extreme… To groom or not to groom – not grooming brows is simply out of the question It is said, brows frame your face. So… I personally do believe one should always take good care […]